The Ducks

***Duck hatching list for 2018***

We cannot provide a monthly egg hatching number for the ducks as they are extremely picky and lay when they want to despite my beck and call servitude to them...Pm for pics and sale list begins whenever they decide to start laying regularly😬


Muscovies- my favorite duck! These are quackless ducks. Very quiet. Love to forage! Eat tons of insects, worms and any small rodents they can get their beaks on! Males can get quite large weighing in at 18-20 lbs!!! Females weigh 6-12 lbs. we have lots of colors and patterns of these in our breeding stock!! Silver, white, black, blue, blue fawn, chocolate, lavender, pied, barred, and ripple. I do not seperate them by color so what they hatch is at random and entirely up to them. 

Ducklings up to 2 weeks are $6

2-6 weeks $8

6- 10 weeks are $10

By 6 weeks, they are fairly easily sexed. 

Juvenile/ adults are $20-$30hens based on color

Drakes are $10-$20 based on color and size.


Saxony ducks- These are a truly beautiful duck. Excellent forager!! Exceptional layer- 4-5 eggs a week and sometimes more! Weigh 8-10 lbs.

Ducklings up to 2 weeks will be $8 ea

2-6 weeks $10ea

Sexable at 6-8 weeks

Juveniles/adults $20 per hen and $10 per drake


My hot mess trio- Tiny Tim is an East Indie and his 2 girls are tufted blue swedish! They lots of eggs and Timmy is VERY prolific! They make super cute babies who almost always look swedish. I have never personally grown out all the way their babies as I always sell out of them super fast. 

Ducklings up to 2 weeks are $5 ea

2-6 weeks $8

Sexable at 6-8 weeks

Juveniles/adults will be $15 per hen and $10 per drake.

Now, I do own pekins, but we are not currently planning on hatching their eggs this year as we have to have duck eggs for our personal consumption;)


Mixed ducklings will be $5 til fully feathered and then $10 until sexable. Hens will be $15 and drakes will be $10