The Chickens

Eating Eggs- Sold in mixed colors and sizes when available.

Chicken eggs-

12 count- $5

Flat of 30- $11

Duck eggs

12 count- $7

30 count-$ 16

mixed carton duck and chicken-

12 count(6 of each)- $6

30 count(15 or each)- $15

30 count (18 chicken 12 duck)- $14

Guinea eggs- $6/dozen or $15/30

Quail eggs-$8/2 dozen


Hatching Eggs:




silkies/sizzles/showgirls- mixed colors- $15 per dozen+ shipping


standard cochins- mixed colors- $40 per dozen+ shipping


bantam cochins(when available)- mixed colors- $20 per dozen+ shipping


Easter Egger/Olive egger- $24 per dozen+ shipping


English Orpingtons- various colors available( chocolate,splash, blue, black, spangled)-$50 per dozen+ shipping


old English bantams- $15 per dozen+shipping


Barn yard mix of above breeds- $20 per dozen+ shipping


Chicks available occasionally . Purebreds will be hatched and available in the spring/early summer and periodically in the fall. Barnyard mix are hatched in the late summer/fall. 

Barnyard mix chicks are $4 ea or 5 for $15


***Chick price list for 2018***

We will begin offering purebred chicks on April 1. Incubators will be loaded beginning of January. Hatches will be limited due to brood space and number of hens in certain breeds. We will be taking orders for March hatches beginning Jan 1. Pics of parent stock will be loaded on the page by Jan.1:)


Large Fowl Cochins- mixed pen of colors- roos are barred, blue, and splash. Hens are partridge, gold laced, splash, black, white.

Chicks up to 2 weeks old- $10 each

2-7 weeks-$15

Sexable at 8-10 weeks. Pullets will be $30 cockerels will be $20.

Cochins are a large breed fowl. Tend to mature around 9 months old. Very docile and sweet natured. Lay 2-3 medium brown eggs per week. Hatching eggs available.


Silkies- mixed pen of colors and feather types. We have silkies, satins, sizzles, frizzles, and show girls!! Too many colors to list. 

Chicks up to 2 weeks old- $6 ea

Unsexable til 6 months:/

SR juveniles 4 weeks - 12 weeks $10

12 weeks and over- $15

Sexable adults-$ 20/hen and $15 per roo

Silkies are considered a bantam breed. They are super cute and sassy and make awesome pets! We have even raised some as emotional support animals!! Lay 2-3 eggs per week. Depending on breeding they will lay white/cream/beige colored eggs. Hatching eggs are available.


Easter/Olive eggers- these are mixed pens- breeding for egg color. We have Easter egger (light blue egg color) cocks and a Maran cock All over easter egger, maran, and Ameracauna hens.  

Chicks up to 2 weeks will be $5 ea.

2-7 weeks- $10 ea

Sexable at 8-10 weeks. Pullets will be $15ea and cockerels will be $10ea

These are great birds! Lay an assortment of colored eggs. Avg sized, very active and outgoing, very friendly. They lay 3-5 medium to large colored eggs per week. Hatching eggs are available.


English Orpingtons- several colors- chocolate, Black, Blue, splash and Spangled. More colors coming next fall.

Chicks up to 2 weeks old will be $20 each

2-7 weeks- $25ea

Sexable at 8-10 weeks. Pullets will be $35 ea and cockerels will be $25ea


Large super fluffy birds. Very sweet and calm. They lay 3-4 medium light brown eggs per week. These are a slow maturing breed as they get quite large. Hatching eggs available.




Muscovy ducks: Most are not seperated by color. We will offer lavender and black split to lavender as seperated.


Hatching eggs available for all colors EXCEPT lavender for $60/dozen


ALL ducklings are sold as straight run only.


Black and caniezie muscovies- $20/drake $25/hen $10/duckling $15/juvenile


Black capped white /solid white muscovy-$20/drake $25/hen $10/duckling $15/juvenile


Blue and blue spotty muscovies- $20/drake $25/hen $10/duckling $15/juvenile


Chocolate muscovies- $25/drake $30/hen $15/duckling $20/juvenile


Silver Muscovies- $25/drake $30/hen $15/duckling $20/juvenile


Buff and lilac- $25/drake $30/hen $15/duckling $20/juvenile


Rippled- $25/drake $30/hen $15/duckling $20/juvenile


Lavender, split to lavender and Lavender ripple- $50/drake $60/hen $20/duckling and $35/juvenile- hatching eggs are available for $120/dozen




NO hatching eggs available. All gosling sold straightrun.




Buff- $40/gosling $75/adult


Blue- $50/gosling $90/adult


Lavender- $50/gosling $100/adult


Lavender/ split to lavender Africans- $30/gosling $75/adult


Romans- $40/gosling $75/adult


Pomeranians- $30/gosling $75/ adult




Coturnix- Assorted colors and sizes


$5/adult, $2 per baby, $3.50/ juvenile hatching eggs available for $12/dozen



Blue scale


pips $5/ea Adults $50/ea hatching eggs not currently available.




Guineas- assorted colors


 Keets are $5/ea Adults are $25/ea Hatching eggs are $30/dozen when available.





Babies will be $250/ea Adults $500/ea

Hatching eggs will not be sold.

craft eggs are $50ea