The Geese

***Goose and gosling price list for 2018.***

I do not have a reservation list... i have an interest list. I don’t take reservations as we never know how many or sexes we will have of each breed as geese are very particular...We rotate our purebreds each year. This year we will only be separating out the Americans and Cotton patch.  All others will be free ranging together for the season. All mixed breed goslings will be $15 until they reach 4 weeks old. At 4 weeks the prices go up each week til they hit $50.


American Geese- we have 2 trios buffs (one is crested) and 1 trio of blue and lavender this year!! Trio one are all standards. Trio 2 has a crested male and 1 crested female. Trio 3 has a lavender male, lavender female, and blue female. These are considered a medium weight goose at 16-18 pounds although my eldest gander is a whopping 20lbs!! They are on the watch list. They only lay 25-35 eggs per year. They are excellent parents!! They aren’t as noisy as say the chinese;) Goslings will be $35 ea. Juvies/adults will be $55ea.


Cotton Patch: we have 2 pairs and they are not related. They are on the critical list!! They are a medium breed- 12-14 lbs. They only lay 12-16 eggs per year- usually 2 clutches of 6-8 each. They are docile but very active and fly quite well!! They are excellent parents! Goslings will be $40 ea and juveniles/adults will be $75 ea.


Purbred geese that will not be separated this year- Pomeranians, Crested Romans, Toulouse, lavender africans, and White chinese.