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1 Nigerian Dwarf buckling- black and white with brown eyes. 9 weeks old. Has had 2 rounds of cdt and toltrazuril for cocci prevention. Wormed with cydectin. He was disbudded but it was poorly done so he has little horn buds. He is a handful! Full of energy and playfullness. He is due to be wethered the week before Christmas. He can be weaned now although I usually keep them on the bottle or mom til 16 weeks but this baby is huge as his brother left weeks ago so he drinks enough for 2 lol:) I will need a week’s notice for you to pick him up so we can switch him to a bottle. At this point he really only needs one bottle per day. If you take him before he is 12 weeks, you can bring him back and I will wether him for free. He is $150 and 50% non refundable deposit is due to hold him. He can be picked up now or held til weaning in Jan. If you wish to pick him up for Christmas, I need a weeks notice. *** I do not sell single babies to homes without other goats. If he is your first, we are willing to sell you another wether as well as all goats need to be in pairs at the bare minimum. They are herd animals. Dogs, cats, pigs, horses, etc do not constitute a herd- you must have another goat.


Kitten: female, 9 weeks old, has been wormed. She is a spitfire! Very playful! Very lovey. Grey tabby. Must go to a home where she will be spayed- NO EXCEPTIONS. She is free to approved home.