Farm box goodies

The following can be ordered anytime.  We generally require a minimum of 3 business days notice. We custom make each order. Substitutions are easily made.  If you have a request for an item not on the list, please just email us.  We must stay within Texas Cottage Food Regulations. I will post a link at the bottom for those regulations. As an FYI, we do not use preservatives of any kind so if the product is not going to be consumed with in a couple days, you will need to freeze it for later use.


XL Muffins- blueberry, chocolate chip, strawberry, mixed berry, bananna, corn bread. Bakers dozen- $15- any combination


XL Dinner Rolls- 24- $12


Beignets- with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar- bakers dozen- $15


Loaf bread- 2lb loaf- Classic white, whole wheat, honey wheat- $4 per loaf sliced and bagged.


Premium loaves- 2lb loaf- cheese and onion, asiago cheese, gorgonzola honey, light sourdough, pumpernickel, tomato basil- $6 per loaf sliced and bagged.


Cookies- large- chocolate chip, triple chocolate, peanut butter, peanut butter blossoms, oatmeal, oatmeal chocolate chip, preacher cookies - bakers dozen-  $10


French madeleines- $12 per dozen


Tartlets-  dutch apple and taffy apple- 2 dozen- $20


Tea and coffee Cakes- classic vanilla bundt, chocolate bundt, mexican chocolate bundt, cookies and cream bundt, sunshine (orange cream) bundt, glazed honey bundt, $15 ea


Fairy tale castle cake- butter cake and homemade butter cream icing. Colors are custom ordered. $45 ea


Cupcakes- butter or chocolate with butter cream or chocolate butter cream icing- 12 for $15 or 24 for $20


Brownies XL- classic, triple chocolate, coffee, cookie brownies- bakers dozen- $15


Whoopie pies- red velvet, butter, chocolate, strawberry cream- bakers dozen- $18


Cobbler- 9x13- peach, apple, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, blackberry peach, pear-berry, triple-berry, blueberry, pear-apple- $15ea


Pies- apple, tripple berry, peach, caramel apple, pumpkin, sweet potatoe, blackberry, cherry, strawberry, blackberry peach, pear-berry, blueberry, pear apple, and pear. $10 each






If you have a recipe or idea that you want me to whip up, just email me!!


Also available in our farm fresh boxes:


Chicken eggs- $5 per dozen or a flat of 30 eggs for $10


Duck eggs (when available)- $7 per dozen


Goats milk soap- 5.50 per bar- lots of "flavors" available


Heel balm- $4 per small tub- lots of scents available


Fresh produce will be available on occassion- prices vary


Homemade pastas are available made to order- original, spinach, tomato, and basil.


Jellies- apple, grape, white grape, cherry, jalapeno, and lots more. Small jar-$4, medium jar $6, large jar $8


Other specialty items will often be thrown in as a trial that can then be custom ordered if you enjoy them.