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Prices for PT - currently unavailable due to the manufacturer not having antigen until 2020 or later...(pullorum/typhoid) testing your flock:


I have limited days each week to do testing-we are available every other Saturday and most Sundays-Tuesdays, but please keep in mind this is a working farm so we have to work testing in around clients picking up at the farm. Just be patient and I promise we can get you worked in:)


Prices- we have changed our pricing because it was just too complicated. We charge a standard $60 to come out- this covers our time and gas for up to 40 miles round trip. Anything over 40 miles will be $0.30 per mile round trip. Then it’s 50¢ per bird tested. So lets say you live in Temple and you have 40 chickens you need tested. Temple is 28 miles from my house. So you will be charged the standard $60 plus $20 for testing the chickens and $4.80 for the extra mileage for a total of $84.80. If you live in Hamilton (75 miles from my house) with 40 chickens, you will be charged $60 plus $20 for testing chickens plus $33 for the extra mileage for a total of $113.


Birds CANNOT be brought to my farm to test. Thats a HUGE Biosecurity risk that Im not willing to take.


I do not test large breed birds such as rhea, emu, or ostrich. Frankly I don’t have enough insurance for that;)


We can also treat birds for worms and mites while there for 30¢ per bird or we can give you 3 days worth of safeguard to treat poultry for worms via water for$1/gallon of water treated- it must be their sole source of water for 3 days. Must repeat treatment in 14 days. Must toss eggs for 14 days...So, since you are treating 14 days apart, you would toss all eggs for 4 weeks.


We also do beak and wing trimming and nail clipping if needed for $0.50 per bird.


Hoof trim for goats


Cat/dog nails


Wing trim for parrots or poultry


Goat summer shave


Flea/mite/lice treatment can be added to any poultry service.




Cost is dependent upon work load but is generally $35-$50 per day. Overnights, weekends, and holidays are available. 


To schedule any service, please message us here or text 254-258-6720






Avian Wing, Beak, and Nail Trimming

We provide Wing, Beak, and Nail services for both livestock birds, and parrots.


Wing trimming- $5 per bird


Beak trimming- $10 per bird


Nail trimming -$5 per bird



Goat services

Hoof Trimming- $10 per goat


Stud Service- not currently available


Summer shave $30


Dog and Cat Services

Dog or cat nails- $5 per animal



Rabbit Services

Just want it brushed out and nails done and a little trim- $10


Trim teeth- $15