Welcome to our farm!

We are a small farm business and our goal is customer satifaction, while at the same time providing above standard care for our animals.  

Our poultry is PT tested annually and we are State Certified PT testers for other farms. Our goats are biosecurity tested yearly. 

We provide several services besides just animal sales and we are Licensed to sell baked goods, canned items, candies, eggs and fresh meat!




Feeding Time🤣

Current Stock

We currently raise the following breeds:


Nigerian Dwarf goats- registered and unregistered

Alpine Goats- registered

Nubian goats- registered and unregistered 

Mini Alpine goats- registered and unregistered

Mini Nubians- unregistered 

Assorted mixed meat goats- large and small

Coming soon: Toggenburgs



Assorted layers


Tufted Roman Geese

Embden geese

White Chinese


American buff geese

Designer Lavender Splash Roman Geese 


Occasionally we will sell assorted beef and dairy cattle.