Building a sustainable tomorrow

Der Bauernhof Mengelkamp

Building a sustainable tomorrow


Needing to downsize more before school starts. Prices are negotiable but I don’t trade. Delivery is not available. Please text 912-271-7106 to set up appointment to come see these guys:)



Set of 7 Pomeranian geese- $525- 1 gander 6 geese


Set of 6 Roman geese- $450- 1 gander 5 geese


1 Lavender American gander- $75


1 Pair of Africans- Male is Lavender-$150


1 Lavender African gander- $75


Tufted blue Swedish drake- $10


Pair of blue swedish ducks- $40


2 blue runners (probably mixed) hens- $20ea


2 khaki cambell drakes- $10ea


1 cayuga drake- $10


1 pair of welsh harlequins- $50


1 mixed drake- $10


2 quads of lavender muscovies- $200 per quad


Black muscovies- $15/drake $25/hen


2 black capped white muscovy- both drakes- $15ea


Blue muscovies- $15/drake and $25/hen


1 silver muscovy drake with white head- $15


14 MUSCOVY DUCKLINGS- Assorted colors- $10ea




1 silver laced satin cock- $10


1 blue booted bantam cock- $10


1 pair of blue booted bantams-$20


1 serama cock- $15


1 rose comb cock- $15


Lf Cochins- 11of them-3 cocks, 9hens- $180 if we split them up, it will be as follows: 


1 blue cock and 2 partridge hens, 1 blue pullet-$70


1 barred cockerel, 2 black hens- $50


1 splash cock and 1 splash hen, 2 blue pullets- $70


1 buff juvenile- looks to be pullet- $20



Chantecler pullets- 2- $15ea 


1 dark cornish pullet- $10


1 blue andalusian cock- $10


1 buff polish cock- $10-really needs a pet home where he is the only rooster with a couple hens. He is very nice but petrified of other roosters. 


1 juvenile light brahma- $10


Coturnix quail- assorted colors- $5ea hand raised- make excellent pets!




1 French Harlequin buck-$40 no pedigree- very docile. Needs a calm pet environment.


1 Pedigreed Blue silverfox buck-$40 HUGE




1 black and white nigerian dwarf doeling- born march 19. UNREGISTERED. Currently weighs 45 pounds. Has had cdt vaccines, wormed, hooves trimmed, and is on cocci prevention. Her mother is a power milker. She gives about 1/2 gallon a day and will stay in milk for up to 10 months. $250