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Building a sustainable tomorrow

Pullorum Typhoid Testing


Prices for PT (pullorum/typhoid) testing for your birds... PT testing is required if you plan to show, trade, sell, or produce offspring to show, trade or sale...


Prices include travel up to 50 miles from my home. You will only get a digital copy emailed to you. If you have previous years forms, please allow me to scan them into your file so we can keep a digital copy for you so you can have less testing done each year:) 


YOU MUST HAVE PROOF of previous years testing for me not to have to test EVERY SINGLE QUALIFYING BIRD!!!


50 birds or less tested



51-100 birds



Anything over 100 birds has a $50 service charge as it will require all members of our team to be present and testing to be able to get it done in a timely fashion. 


101-150 birds



151-200 birds



201-250 birds



251-300 birds



301-350 birds



351-400 birds



401-500 birds







Avian Wing, Beak, and Nail Trimming

We provide Wing, Beak, and Nail services for both livestock birds, and parrots.


Wing trimming- $5 per bird


Beak trimming- $10 per bird


Nail trimming -$10 per bird



Goat/pig services

Hoof Trimming- $15


Stud Service- $50- goat only


CD&T vaccine, copper bolus, vitamin and probiotic, wormer, external parasite, whether via banding or surgical removal- goat only, disbudding etc available upon rquest. Please ask for a quote.




Dog and Cat Services

Dog nails- $8 per dog


Dog Spa- bath, brush and blow out, nails, flea treament, ears cleaned- $30


Dog shaved- $20


Anal glands- $10


Cat nails- $8


Cat spa- bath if needed, brush out, nails, ears cleaned, flea treatment- $25



Rabbit Services

Full groom/shave on rabbits $15


Just want it brushed out and nails done and a little trim- $10


Trim teeth- $15