Building a sustainable tomorrow

Der Bauernhof Mengelkamp

Building a sustainable tomorrow

UNDER CONSTRUCTION- pics coming soon

Welcome to our family farm.

We offer delicious farm fresh eggs from free ranging birds as well as hatching eggs and chicks, poults, pips, keets, ducklings, goslings,rabbits,  and nigerian dwarf goats.  We are a small business and our goal is customer satifaction, while at the same time providing above standard care for our flock.  



Check out our CO-OP Opportunities!!  We love a good barter!!


Farm tours are once again available. STRICT biosecurity measures MUST be followed.


Our poultry is PT tested annually and we are State Certified PT testers for other farms.


We provide LOTS of services besides just animal sales.




Easter Egger

Current Stock

We currently raise the following breeds:

Nigerian Dwarf goats

Lionhead rabbits

Fuzzy lop Rabbits


Muscovy in ALL colors


Swedish mix


Silkies/Sizzles/ Showgirls

Polish Standard and bantam- lots of colors

Cochins- standard and bantam- lots of colors and patterns

Naked necks

Coronation Sussex

Easter/Olive eggers

English Orpingtons- Chocolate, Blue, black, splash, Spangled

Brahmas in several colors and patterns


Old English Bantams



Cotton Patch

White Chinese

American Buff, blue, lave

Roman Tufted

Toulouse/Dewlap toulouse

Lavender Africans




Coturnix Quail- for our meat customers


Bobwhite Quail in different colors and patterns


Blue Scale Quail